A Natural Feeling?


Joe Meade, Staff Writer

I suffered the common disease of writer’s block while thinking of what to write this week.  The cure for my writer’s block this week was not as easily solved as last year when I had writer’s block. Last year and the year before that something unfortunate or shocking would usually happen to me ranging from procrastination tales to getting in a car accident in Florida. This year I made it my goal to write less comical and Fauxmega-like pieces and to take on more serious topics.

As I laid in bed on Sunday evening I reflected on the time school started on August 31st right to the moment I laid on my bed. As I reflected on the 3 weeks of school and the 3 weeks with the new schedule I felt an unusual feeling. It was neither good nor bad. It was just an unusual feeling.

As I got up to rinse my face it was still 11. I worried that it would be one of those sleepless nights for Joe Meade. I climbed back in my bed and reflected again. I tried to find out what this unusual feeling was.  In retrospect, I should have felt great as all my teams won over the weekend with the exception of the Lions (but that’s the Lions), I had all my work completed, and I studied for any assessment I had in the upcoming days. But, I still felt weird.

I went to sleep and woke up Monday morning with the same feeling. I was not sore or even hurt physically, I just felt unusual. After I arrived at school, I still had the same feeling up until the end of the day. However, when I arrived home after cross-country practice, I did not have that feeling anymore. I felt great again, even though I had a load of homework to do.

While I am no specialist when it comes to stress, maybe the feelings we have toward starting a new week of school are all mental and maybe we should approach it differently so we do not experience feelings like this on Sunday evenings going into Monday mornings. Maybe, it really is all in our head. Do we have this feeling because of school? The answer may not be obvious, but if we do not experience this in the afternoon and experience this in the evening and the next morning, it must be because of our emotion toward going to school.  

Perhaps we can feel stressed when we start something new like a new week of school, but when we finish the week it all seems worth it. I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy school, I love the challenge I am provided because the excitement and pressure of the challenge gives me energy. So why should I stress for something that will make me better? These are questions we should ask ourselves. Once we find the answers to these questions I think we can come into school more juiced up and ready to conquer.