The Home Stretch


Joe Meade and Casey McKee

Joe: As I approach the epic conclusion of my third year at Oratory Prep, I view a familiar roadblock. But this time it is the finale to my freshman year. Before I begin I am not diminishing middle school’s importance or anything to that degree. However, it takes no rocket scientist to understand the value of high school. After all, high school decides where we go to college. Unlike many of my colleagues I have the grueling experience of the home stretch. It not only entails the end of a quarter, but the end of the year with final exams. Personally I believe that an event or period of time will help shape a person. I have had many occasions in this time when I am studying for the final test or a FINAL where I want to give up and not waste my time. Feeling this way is natural, but you have to find a source of information. For many people this is what will power them through. The main source for many is you guessed it… summer. If you are not a summer person and are considering giving up in this time, I guarantee you will get one message from you in the future telling you not to (Don’t ask how I got that idea, just go with it). Lastly, you can fantasize the world as a dark abyss without you powering through, I’ve heard that works too. (Joseph Meade)

Casey: Obviously I cannot write as much as Joe above as I do not have the experience he does but, I can see the finish line for the end at my first year at Oratory.  These last weeks of school will be filled with fun and hard work.  I am excited for the barbecue and field day, another chance to have fun and spend time with classmates.  On the flip side however, finals are coming which means a lot of work and preparation.  In conclusion, these last weeks have the feeling of “not everything is gold” because it may feel like school is over and it is all fun and games, but there will be work ahead. (Casey McKee)