Crunch Time With Joe Meade


Joe Meade, Staff Writer

I had spent 6 days trying to avoid doing 3 things that were due on the Monday after spring break. I of course made the mistake of waiting to the last day to complete these assignments.

Section 9-4 (American Rep)Spring Break Assignment

3 Paragraph Essay (Religion)

9:00 am: I wake up at this time. I have just had a good 10 hours worth of sleep.

9:02 am: I’m thinking happy thoughts for 2 minutes when it hits me. BAM!!! “Holy moly! I have 3 things to do including 60+ math problems!!” I shouted.

9:05 am: I calm down and decide it’s a ‘great’ idea to kill 2 hours that I could be doing homework and watch the Liverpool-Manchester United match.

11:30 am: I am extremely disappointed in myself that I slacked off and didn’t do my hw. Luckily I don’t totally disappoint myself and decide to do my American Rep HW.

12:30 pm: I put the finishing touches on my American Rep HW. I am on a roll; well at least I thought I was.

12:32 pm: I sit down to eat lunch and then a game changer hits. My favorite team Chelsea Fc is playing Hull City. I decide that I should watch this; after all it will only take 2 hours.

9:45 pm: I feel great; I watched a whole great day of soccer and the NCAA Tournament. I start to get ready for bed.

9:47 pm: I am half way through brushing my teeth when my Mom asks “Joe have you completed your homework?” I instantaneously spit out my toothpaste and nearly faint. I had been slacking for 9 hours and still need to do an essay and 60+ math problems by midnight.

9:49 pm: I really considered giving up. My devil instinct took over telling me to sleep.  Just as I was about to quit I found motivation from a creature that lives in a rock under the sea.

9:50-11:54 pm: As I ferociously write and type my remaining assignments I repeatedly keep telling myself “ This is Crunch Time. This what separates boys from men, and heroes from legends. This is the making of a true Oratory man.”

11:55 pm: I ‘triumphantly’ raise my arms in ‘victory’ as I had finished with 5 minutes to spare. However, this was a short celebration as I immediately fell asleep.

Epilogue: I woke up at 6 the next morning and was very tired. If you saw me on Monday morning I probably looked something like the photo shown below. I learned a lesson about time management hopefully if you are reading this I hope you never live this nightmare.