Featured Student: Peter Ainsworth

Justin Oei, Writer

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While still a seventh grader, Peter Ainsworth is looking at a meteoric career here at Oratory.  I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down and interview him on Tuesday.

Justin: Tell us about yourself. Where (town and school) are you from, and do you possess the rare super power to charm Nick Browne (or is that unique to Ben Landis and Adam Lewis)? Do you have any siblings?

Peter: I’m from Martinsville in Bridgewater. Before I came to Oratory, I went to Albrook School in Basking Ridge. I have two sisters, both younger.

Justin: What made you decide to come to Oratory?

Peter: I really liked how when I went for my student for a day, everyone was nice to me and I felt like I just fit in; it felt great. I really liked the chem lab.

Justin: So far, what is your favorite class?

Peter: I really like math, specifically Mr. Scotto’s class because he’s very funny and he makes me laugh every day.

Justin: Who is your favorite teacher?

Peter: Mr. Scotto.

Justin: We all enjoyed your stellar robotics performance at the talent show. What made you go into robotics?

Pater: Well, ever since I was little I saw the Lego MindStorms robot. One year they came out with the new one, so I got that one. [While] I was building robots, I looked up some videos on Youtube about robots, and I saw some robot solving Rubik’s Cubes.

Justin: What’s your next robot?

Peter: I don’t know. I’ve been thinking of designing my own robot, like a rover or something…

Justin: Any clubs? Activities? Hobbies?

Peter: I’m in the Robotics Club, chess club, and programming. I played for the middle school soccer team last season and I collect model trains. (Ben Landis reports that he works for Student Ambassadors as well).

Justin: What do you like most about Oratory?

Peter: I really like how I know a lot of people here, as well as teachers. I actually know most of the faculty, not only teachers that teach the seventh grade! I also like how everyone here is really friendly, like one big family.

As we can see above, Peter brings an interesting viewpoint to the OP table. As a lower school student council member, I definitely think he represents the best of the lower school whether it be waiting in front of Mrs. Crum’s homeroom or walking down the hall to Mr. Kennedy’s Spanish class…say hello. It will be worth your while.

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