Parent-Teacher Conferences


John Abili, Writer

Mrs. Abili’s comments on the Parent Teacher Conferences


Parent teacher conferences always receive mixed reactions from the students of OP. Some people feel perfectly fine knowing that they have great grades. Others prefer years in prison rather than the grueling conferences. Parents also react differently, either being proud of their son’s grades, or disappointed. But my mom was different. When she came home, she had some weird comments on my teachers! See if you can guess what teacher she was talking about when she made these comments.


Who is that teacher with the really Italian name? I think he’s your math teacher.


Who’s that teacher that you’ve had for religion for 3 straight years. The one that yells a lot.


One of teacher’s was bald. I forgot his name.


….. I think his name was Mr.Plague, I forgot


Do you remember the teacher you had last year that looks like a student. Well he looks like a student to me!


Does one of your old teachers have a grandson in the school? WHAT!? That’s his son?


Remember that Tiger mom I talked about last year? Does she still teach here?






  • Mr.Barresi
  • Mr.Gordon
  • Dr.Schroeder
  • Mr.Plagge
  • Mr.Margolskee
  • Mr.Cranley
  • Mrs. DeMichino