The Return of the Mock Jocks

The Return of the Mock Jocks

Andrew Coder, Senior Writer

“Objection!” yells an infuriated Connor Briggs, who simply could not allow another “lack-of-foundation” question to progress. This is the moment that both he and the team have been working towards all fall and isn’t just going to let it be thrown away over something silly. Unfortunately for him, this is just a practice on a cold Thursday night and he has proven nothing other than the fact that he can yell and give headaches in less than 5 seconds.

‘Tis the season, once again, when the most storied of all the teams at the fine institution of Oratory Preparatory School has returned to practice. This year brings in a revitalizing wave of freshman for the team, making it extremely young and all the more promising. As a senior member of the team, it is truly exciting to see how much interest is present in the program as I hope it will continue to rise.

This year’s case discusses negligence on a school field trip by a teacher. During a school trip, a student named Pat got seriously injured while trying to sneak out to attend a party at a nearby college and the claim of negligence is raised when it turns out the teacher chaperon did not check to make sure that all of the students were in their dorms after curfew, while also disobeying the strict 10:1 student to teacher ratio.

Ultimately, expectations are high for every trial this year, as the team attempts to claim yet another county trophy. Over the years, Mock Trial has proven to be one of the most consistently successful programs in history, having won a state title only nine years after its inception. Hopefully, the young members of the team will be able to learn a lot through what promises to be a successful season and continue the winning tradition for Oratory Mock Trial.