Pumpkin Race


Joe Meade, Staff Writer

Thursday’s highlight for most was the senior night soccer victory against our arch rival New Providence. However, miles away Lower school Cross country had its season finale with the pumpkin race. Much like the soccer team, the LS cross country team was dealing with health problems with Jack Sula out. Shout out to Jack, great year, not one race where you didn’t give it your all and three first place finishes is something you should never forget. While the whistle blew in Summit, the gun shot off in Peapack-Gladstone. Speaking of guns, Joseph Cranley shot out like a bullet. His fellow Rams trailed him but were moving at their fastest pace yet. There was not one second where Joseph Cranley wasn’t in the front of the pack. Chris Kraemer and Carlo Bueno followed with Justin Oei and Joseph Meade not far behind them. After nearly 2 miles of running his heart out, Joseph Cranley came in first by about 30 seconds. This concluded a dominating performance for Cranley. Chris Kraemer and Carlo Bueno placed near the top 30 percent. Joseph Meade and Justin Oei also finished strong. It concluded a great year for the Rams as every meet, except one, had an OP runner come in first. The future is bright for cross country here at OP. Oh, and if you wondering what kind of trophy Cranley received it was a real life miniature pumpkin! How fitting.