She’s Back!


Lorenzo Beer, Staff Writer


It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s Nurse Lynn! And she is glad to be back at OP. Nurse Lynn was recently absent from OP for several weeks as she was recovering from back surgery. However, Nurse Lynn reassures us that she is “feeling better than [she] did before!” Although it was a tough time for Nurse Lynn, we all know she is an extremely determined and strong woman. She has fought this little bump in the road and is back in the nurse’s office to take care of our little bumps! She certainly missed her OP family. In a recent interview, I asked Nurse Lynn what she missed most about OP and she replied, “I really missed seeing the kids every day and watching them grow up.” I am sure we all missed Nurse Lynn too. During our interview, I asked her a final question, “What do you love most about working at OP?” Her response was heartfelt and personal. She answered, “I love a lot about it. It feels like home.” We are all so thankful for Nurse Lynn and hope she fully heals from her back surgery. She is a vital part of our family here at OP and we all hope she is here to stay at “home.” Timothy Ring said that “Nurse Lynn always helps me out when I have a bad boo-boo or the sniffles.” We are all so glad that Nurse Lynn is feeling much better and is back to help us with all of our little injuries.