Annual Dodgeball Tournament Power Rankings

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Annual Dodgeball Tournament Power Rankings

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Max Hubbauer ’15, Staff Writer


This upcoming Thursday, October 16, the highly anticipated annual Dodgeball Tournament will finally be upon us as sixteen teams, featuring the best athletes OP has to offer, will battle it out to take home the title and earn the noted distinction as dodgeball champions.  And with so many talented teams in this years bracket, it’s only necessary to take a look at each and every one to see just where they stack up against the rest of the competition. So without further ado here are your power rankings for this year’s Dodgeball Tournament:


16. Outta Control

It will be an uphill battle for the Mr. Plagge-led squad as while the team has shown some promise I’m not so sure they’re ready to take the next step and compete with the best of the best just yet.

15. Team Alfa-Super-Mega-Cool-Wolf-Team-Dynamite

While I expect Team Alfa-Super-Mega-Cool-Wolf-Team-Dynamite to struggle, they just may be able to give some teams a scare early on but it will certainly be no easy task for the young team.

14. Attack of the Invisible Retreating Cows

As has been the common thread amongst some of the younger teams this year, the Invisible Retreating Cows are talented but inexperienced. Slated to face the all-senior Washington Redskins, the Cows will have to be nothing short of perfect if they are to have any chance of standing toe to toe with one of the best teams in the tournament.

13. We Have the Entire 7th Grade On Our Team

If there’s one team that could string together some shocking upsets it’s this one. Led by juniors Brendan Lawlor, Kyle Fudenna and Michael O’Brien with sophomores Nick Browne and Joseph Garibaldi, this is a team that simply cannot be overlooked. They will have to channel their inner “Average Joe’s” but this underdog could very well make a run.

12. The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances

One of many freshman teams featured in this year’s tournament, the Super Acquaintances’ success will be largely dependent on their strength of schedule. If favorable, this is a team that I think has a chance to make it past the first round but could struggle later on with some tougher matchups.

11. Chex Mix

The second freshman team on the list, Chex Mix, is one that I have on upset alert. I can’t trust this young team to succeed against some of the stiffer competition they’ll face and could very well exit as early as the first round. There’s always next year, Chex Mix.

10. The French Toast Mafia

The French Toast Mafia are a talented team that is currently in line to face another freshman team, the aptly-named Frosh. Right now, I’m leaning towards the Frosh team to take home the W and advance but this one’s really a toss-up.

9. The Dodge Father

Arguably one of the better names in the tournament, The Dodge Father team of all sophomores could prove to be as lethal as their namesake. Unfortunately, with matchups against the victor of the Chernobyl Bobcats/Immortal Tacos, two of the stronger teams this year, their name may just be the only thing going for them.

8. The Adamskees

Ar’s Arm- enough said.

7. Frosh

Many would question such a high ranking for an all-freshmen team, but I’m confident that the Frosh can be successful, albeit only briefly. The likes of imposing all-senior teams will surely haunt the young squad, but this is a team that I expect to see winning it all in the years to come.

6. Misfits

The first senior team on the list so far, the Misfits have what it take to make a deep run, but may be lacking the heart and passion it takes to hoist the championship trophy. If they can find it in themselves and use what the late, great Denis Noonan has taught them in his three fine years with this institution, their gym class prowess may just come to fruition before our own eyes.

5. John Ibili’s Squad

One of two sophomore teams that crack the top 5, this is a squad I think can make something happen if everything goes right for them. But that is a big IF. They are definitely a risky bet to make it to the later stages of the tournament but as we know anything’s possible in this great game.

4. Immortal Tacos

I’m looking forward to seeing what this team, composed predominantly of sophomores with some juniors such as Pat Budisak, Dan Skea, and Mike O’Brien, can do this year. While their youth may be a concern, stranger things have happened and I fully expect this team to make a deep run into the final four and even the championships.


Right off the bat it’s clear that the top 3 teams in this tournament are LOADED. Beginning with, RE2PECT, the all-senior (and John Fellitto) behemoth will look to capture the title in what will certainly be a final four for the ages. RE2PECT have what it takes: dedication, focus, and a very athletic team that is capable of domination.

2. The Washington Redskins

The Redskins are simply put, a powerhouse. Since their arrival at OP, all 14 seniors have continually found themselves in the later stages of competition but have yet to reach the mountaintop. This year anything short would be a letdown but the ‘Skins have as good a chance as any to finally take home the crown.

1. Chernobyl Bobcats

Full disclosure: I am a member of the Chernobyl Bobcats. But nevertheless it is clear this is a team that has sought to be the best from the very beginning as the team held highly competitive tryouts which tested the athletic finesse of each prospective member. Led by captains Tim Hartnett and John Kolassa, the Bobcats have the talent to win the entire tournament but it will take a concerted effort to ultimately claim their stake as champions of the 2014 Oratory Dodgeball Tournament.


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