Danger Awaits: Calcio Fiorentino

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Danger Awaits: Calcio Fiorentino

Bobby D'Angelo, Writer

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Bobby D’Angelo, Staff Writer


Calcio Fiorentino is one of the most dangerous sports in history. The game originated in 16th century Italy, and is still played in areas around Florence today. The game was reserved for the rich aristocrats of Italy, but it was so popular that many other classes adopted it; even some of the Popes played it! The game is a mix between football, rugby, and MMA fighting.

Calcio starts when the game ball is thrown to the center line, and a small canon is fired. The matches are played on sand covered fields, and last for fifty minutes. Each team consists of 27 players, and the objective of the game is to move the game ball around the enemy into the opponents goal; each goal is worth one point. A group of officials referee the match with the Judge Commissioner, and the Master of the Field. Because there are so few rules in Calcio, the main job of the officials is to make sure the game runs smoothly, and that there are no wide scale fights. Aside from these small guidelines, the game is completely dictated by the players. There are often many gruesome injuries that range in seriousness from broken bones to the complete loss of consciousness. The game is so violent that it is only played once a year in a tournament over the summer. Modern games allow punching, kicking, elbowing, head-butting, and choking, but sucker punches and kicks to the head are banned.



Blue- Santa Croce / Azzurri

Reds- Santa Maria Novella / Rossi

Whites- Santo Spirito / Bianchi

Greens-  San Giovanni / Verdi


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