Meet the New Dean of Students

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Although he has been at Oratory for nine years, Mr. Klarmann has entered a new position this year at Oratory. Mr. Klarmann is this year’s Dean of Students at Oratory Prep, replacing Mr. Boniello who has moved on to Dean of Admissions. While this is his first year as a Dean of Students, Mr. Klarmann is no rookie to teaching students.

Mr. Klarmann grew up in Bayonne, where he had his first teaching job for three years. He would then work at St. Peter’s Prep, his high school alma mater, for four years before coming to Oratory. Although he taught some math during the beginning of his teaching career, Mr. Klarmann’s main focus has been on teaching english. When asked he said that he enjoyed teaching Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird to younger students, although he found teaching Henry David Thoreau’s Walden “too difficult for 10th graders to handle.”

In addition to teaching, Mr. Klarmann has taken on the responsibility of Lower School soccer coach. Mr. Klarmann has been playing soccer since he was a child, and even played soccer at St. Peter’s College.  Mr. Klarmann said that coaching the lower school team was a “fun” and rewarding experience. He was previously an assistant coach for the St. Peter’s Prep varsity soccer team.

This year Mr. Klarmann has found a new calling as Dean of Students. Mr. Klarmann said that his time of Dean of Students so far has been “really good.” He has focused on maintaining the “super-positive culture” at Oratory and moving anything that is blocking it back into its place. Mr. Klarmann is excited about getting the opportunity to help all of the students at Oratory instead of just the ones that he had in his classes. In addition he is excited about “making guys more responsible” and giving students “the tools to fix relationships” and other problems that might come their way. While he admitted that he was a little nervous about the increase in responsibility, Mr. Klarmann is thoroughly excited about being Oratory’s new Dean of Students and truly is the right man for the job.


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