Top 3 Games to Play on your Apple Computer

Benedict Gaffney, Staff Writer

Playing video games can be a stress reliever and you have fun doing it. Here are my top 3 games to play on your Apple computer. Don’t play in school, because they will distract you from your studies!

#3. Snake

Snake is a game where a snake is in a box and tries to eat fruit. If the head of the snake hits the wall of the box or its body, the game is over. Snake has many different game modes, however, it gets boring after a couple of minutes.

#2. Flappy golf

Flappy Golf is like Flappy Bird. You have to guide a golf ball that has wings to a hole. In the single-player version, you can either get a gold star, a silver star or a bronze star. Obviously, shoot for gold. In multiplayer, you can play with your friends by joining a lobby with them. You pick your own name and get flying. The first one to get in the hole gets first place and so on.

#1. Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is one of the most addicting games I’ve played. You make your own franchise and play a season with the boys. You can draft players at the beginning of the season. You can sign people from a free agency. You can even trade players. You try to get a 5-star offense and a 5-star defense. I started off with a good QB and built the rest of the team around that. There are endless possibilities in this game which is why I am ranking it number one.