Starbucks vs Dunkin: A Comprehensive Review


Image courtesy of the Boston Globe

Arnav Chahal, Staff Writer

These two franchises have been competitors since Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers first drafted the Declaration of Independence. Yet, to this day there is still the debate of which one is better. However, after a comprehensive review, I can finally declare which coffee shop is better.  

These two coffee shops offer an extremely different experience for customers. Dunkin is relatively cheap with some great steals for breakfast and donuts. Starbucks, however, prides itself on better coffee and drinks, but at a higher price.  

When I went into Starbucks on a Friday morning at 7 am and conducted my undercover analysis of them, I first noted the customer service. I was at the register waiting for a barista to ask for my order for a solid five minutes. Then when I put in my order for a black coffee, a Strawberry acai drink with lemonade, and a piece of banana bread, the barista had the audacity to correct me on my pronunciation of “acai.” She said it was pronounced “aa-saa-ee” not “a-cai.” While the pronunciation is up for debate, whatever happened to the customer is always right? Then after 15 minutes of waiting for a total of three things, two of which should have taken less than a minute, I finally got my order. Then I was aghast when they had misspelled my name even though I had spelled it out several times. For this reasoning, I have to give Starbucks a 2/10 in customer service with the two points given because I was able to get my order.  

Dunkin Donuts on the other hand had amazing customer service with a quick and easy checkout for the same three items which I received in less than five minutes. There were no corrections of my pronunciation either which definitely helped. For this reason, I gave them a 9/10.  

Now for the part everyone is anticipating: the actual review of the order. The black coffee at Starbucks was good with a nice hint of peppermint for the holiday season. However, it felt like it was not made with love so I have to give it an 8/10. The Dunkin coffee on the other hand was not as festive with a normal hazelnut type taste, which will merit it a 7/10. Moving onto the refresher section, the Dunkin peach passion fruit refresher, a cult classic, which was said to have been Benjamin Franklin’s favorite and even one of the main catalysts for Jeff Bezos to start Amazon, offers an undeniably refreshing taste and it can satisfy any sweet tooth out there. For this reason, the peach passion fruit refresher deserves a 9/10. The strawberry acai lemonade drink was, to my surprise, better than the peach passion fruit refresher. The use of actual strawberries added into the drink makes this the gift that keeps on giving as after you finish it you can pick out a few strawberries. This drink is said to have inspired Elon Musk to start Paypal. This drink easily deserves a 10/10. Then finally the final part of my order, the snack. At Starbucks, the banana bread was nice and soft with a great taste and the use of hazelnuts make it a solid contender, but the only reservation about it was noted by Connor McDermott who said it “parched the bottom of my mouth.” I concurred with Connor and so I think the banana bread deserves a 7/10. For Dunkin, I ordered a classic chocolate donut without sprinkles. It is almost impossible to go wrong with a chocolate donut, and it was a good donut, but it was not anything special. It did everything well but it did not excel in the frosting or anything. For that reason, I have to give it an 8/10.

Overall Dunkin is the clear winner not only just in the experience and menu. The price at Starbucks was frankly ridiculous. Starbucks was $11 dollars for 3 items all of which were small sizes. However, at Dunkin, the price was $8. While Dunkin is the obvious winner it is important to have your own opinion so I will leave you with the opinions of some of the student body and staff.  

“Dunkin is definitely better than Starbucks” – Mr.Jordan

“I am a Starbucks person” – Mrs.Clark

“I am permanently banned from all Starbucks in the Tri-State Area, so that makes me a Dunkin person.”  Matt DeAngelis

“Don’t talk to me I am doing work” – Mrs. Gribbin

“Arnav, I said stop, now get out of my CWP.”  – Mrs.Gribbin

“I am definitely a Starbucks person, the taste of that hot, succulent coffee keeps me going” – Garrett Hall

“Dunkin is just about 100 times better” – Brian Kelly

“Arnav, for the final time GET OUT OF MY CWP.”  – Mrs. Gribbin