What Makes James Bond Movies So Good?

Colin Reis, Staff Writer

Over the weekend, my mother suggested that I watch the James Bond movies. She said they were great movies. I laughed at her. My ignorant self did not take this advice at first. After I finished some rigorous physics homework on a Saturday night, I wanted to watch some TV or a movie — I wanted to watch something new. So I decided to watch the first few minutes of Casino Royale. Those “few minutes” turned into the next couple of hours of my night. Now, I’m not a James Bond expert, but from watching my first James Bond movie, I had nothing bad to say. It was a fantastic film. And what makes it so good is that it seems to have a bit of everything: complexity, mystery, action, romance, complications, life or death situations, and more. And what I think makes Casino Royale so good is the current James Bond actor, Daniel Craig. Now, I have not seen any of the other James Bond films, but I will in the near future. Daniel Craig was spectacular for this role. He’s smart, cunning, unpredictable, and has a lot to offer. With the new James Bond film coming out, No Time to Die, this will be the last film for Daniel Craig. It is said he is one of the best “James Bond” actors. 

Another thing that is great about the James Bond franchise is that there are multiple actors who have played James Bond. The two other major actors for James Bond are Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan, who, from what I have heard, are possibly even better than Daniel Craig (possibly). 

Overall, the James Bond franchise has many great stories for the audience and seems to never disappoint.