No Borders! No Walls! No USA At All!


Image courtesy of The American Prospect

Joseph Sannito, Staff Writer

The words of strife and terror ring in the ears of the broken cities as the devil pluck the string of a crooked nation. “No Borders! No Walls! No USA at all!” is a chant that can be heard from current Portland and Denver rioters. Rioters have smashed and broken windows of businesses in the downtown Portland area infuriated by the election. At this point, it is that the election is too close to call it is ambiguous as to what their frustration resonates in. At this time, all we can assume that their rage is fueled by fear. 

Dissecting that chant of the rioters it may be slightly difficult to decipher the true meaning behind the chant. Are they saying that because our nation has no borders and walls America is no longer “America”? Or are they saying our current border and wall is making America not “America”? However both analyses are incorrect for the chant’s true meaning is that the rioters want no border, no walls, and no America. Another chant floating around is “death to fascism and the liberalism that enables it.” This chant is more of a paradox as it calls for an end to both fascism and liberty. The definition of fascism is forcible suppression, which is the opposite of liberty which can be defined as freedom. However, even through all this chaos, our leaders will say no matter what the sun will rise and everything is going to be just fine which is similar to that old cliché saying – ‘It’s always darkest before dawn. However, sometimes there’s just darkness’ – Jughead Jones.