My Reflection on Donald Trump’s Past Four Years and His Future Legacy


Image courtesy of The Texas Tribune

Emmett Gaffney, Staff Writer/Co-Editor

Over the past few days, I have had time to reflect and look back upon President Trump’s last 4 years. Throughout his time in office, we have been told that he is the most racist, the most crooked, and overall the worst president we have ever had. I argue quite the contrary:

During his 4 years in office, President Trump has funded black-owned businesses and HBCUs with billions of dollars. He helped Asians fight with discrimination from Ivy League admissions. He achieved all-time low unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. But no, we are told he is racist.

Mr. Trump did not take one penny from his paycheck during his time in office. Instead, that money goes to charities and organizations in need. In fact, his net worth declined by nearly $3 billion since 2016. During his campaign, he did take any donations and, rather, was completely self-funded. While Trump was frugal with your tax dollars, politicians across Washington were becoming millionaires and billionaires. But no, we are told he is corrupt.

Since he took office in 2016, President Trump and his administration achieved record-low unemployment across all races and sexes. In addition, President Trump cut your taxes and increased median income for middle-class families. GDP rose tremendously during his tenure. President Trump managed to steer the US clear from any war and destroyed ISIS and many terrorists. His administration also brokered and signed various peace deals with many nations. He filled three Supreme Court Justices’ seats with well-qualified candidates. I can go on… But no, we are told he is the worst president.

The accomplishments listed above are quite commendable, but more importantly, President Trump has taught me valuable lessons. First, he has taught me what it means to love thy country. He exited his billion-dollar lifestyle to serve as president and help the average American that has been forgotten about for so many years. He taught me not to fold under pressure and stand tall in what you believe in. He was peppered with attacks from the media and his opponents constantly throughout his tenure, yet he woke up every day eager to do his job. Most of all, President Trump taught me to never give up. Ever since he announced his election bid in 2015, he was told by the Hollywood elites that he would never make it. Sweeping through the primaries, President Trump was told he had no shot against Clinton. But he defied all odds and achieved his goal.

Mr. Trump– you were certainly not a perfect president, but you were darn good. Despite being labeled possibly the worst president of all time, I believe you are far better than that. And possibly, one of the greatest presidents of all time. On behalf of some 330,000,000 of us, thank you.