The Good Place Review: End of a Series


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The Good Place is a TV show on NBC revolving around four characters who have died and how they deal with their situations in the afterlife. The main theme of the story is redemption and how we as people can evolve and look past our mistakes and become better people even if we have done bad things in the past. The main concept shows how we all should have a second chance, and with a bit of a nudge, anyone can become a good person as long as they stick to it and believe in what they are doing. That’s about as much as I can say without giving away too many spoilers.

Season four officially ended yesterday, on January 30th, 2020, which also marked the end of the TV show as this was the series finale. Without giving away too much the show ended with a sad yet, in a sense, a happy note and it was a satisfying conclusion to see all four of the main characters mature and become better people because of their actions. It was one hour long, which is a lot longer than the episodes usually are, and although it did feel drawn-out and dull at times, in the end, it all wrapped up just right. I’m glad they decided to end it sooner rather than later because shows that run on for too long tend to become unoriginal and repetitive, an example of this being The Walking Dead. TV shows do have a tendency to go on longer than they really should and I think by ending this show at season four really helped them keep their original premise.

I really enjoyed this series as a whole, and while it was bland at certain parts of the show, each television series has its ups and downs, but in the end, they have to get through it. Most of the series was really enjoyable and I do not regret watching it at all. It brought a very fresh and very rarely-used concept and elaborated on it more to keep the viewers entertained. I think that people should watch this show at some point because it really is a very smart and unique story.