First Thoughts on Hobbs and Shaw


Photo Courtesy of GQ

Alexander Jansiewicz, Staff Writer

So an original film within the Fast and Furious franchise is being presented, focusing on two characters: Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw. The pairing is very odd, as one of the main protagonists is pairing up with one of the main antagonists, both to save the world? This is a very odd premise for any movie, especially for the Fast and Furious franchise. However, I guess this somewhat makes sense since Deckard Shaw joined up with Hobbs in Fate of the Furious (I only know this from the Fast and Furious Wiki).

However, the trailer looks very promising despite it being too revealing. Explosions, cars, guns, fight scenes; this movie has it all. The only thing that makes this different from every Michael Bay movie is that it has a tangible plot line, which goes like this: a cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist Brixton (Idris Elba) gains control of an insidious bio-threat that could alter humanity forever. As mentioned in the trailer, said bio-threat can wipe out half of the population on Earth (hey Thanos, where’ve you been?), so Hobbs and Shaw, who have been at each other’s necks for a very long time, decide that they have to join forces in order to take on Brixton.

So far, the movie seems very promising. I’m definitely going to see it when it comes, and I’m looking forward to seeing what it’ll bring to the franchise. Heck, maybe I can convince my dad to come too!