Interview with OP Gentleman Alexander Jansiewicz

Photograph of AJ Derpatron (Alexander Jansiewicz)

Photo Courtesy of Alexander Jansiewicz

Photograph of AJ Derpatron (Alexander Jansiewicz)

Joseph Marchese, Staff Writer

Over the past week, I conducted an interview with OP sophomore Alexander Jansiewicz his YouTube name. In the interview, we discussed the different aspects of his personality that make him so different from many of his peers. We also discussed his talent show act along with many other things that students from OP probably do not know about AJ Derp. The following questions and answers provide a good insight into the secret life of Alex.


What are some things you enjoy doing outside of school?

Outside of school, I really enjoy making YouTube videos, filmmaking/video-editing, anything pertaining to technology, and competitively playing video games. I also started taking up EDM and sound design as an interest and started to learn how stuff within that area worked.


What inspired your talent show act with “Sea Bass?”

Me and “Sea Bass” really enjoy this one comedian named Gabriel Iglesias, AKA “Fluffy.” He’s really well known for his eccentric, exciting personality and sense of humor. What really inspired us was how he managed to make many people laugh just by telling stories of his zany life. This inspired me to try it out for myself. Of course, I invited Seb along for the journey since he also favors the “fluffy” comedian.


How do you think your act went? (I know it was definitely a favorite of many people)

To be honest, I couldn’t really tell what the school thought of my act during and after the show. Overall, I felt a vibe of mixed reactions from the audience, with a portion enjoying it and some others bringing out forced laughs. It kinda makes sense since Seb and I aren’t masters of stand-up. Even though this was slightly nerve-wracking, I kept reminding myself that all that matters was the fact that he and I tried our best.


What are some extracurricular activities you are involved in?

Within school, I’m currently in the Filmmaking Club, OP Omega, after-school band, and Digital Art Club. It’s not too much, but I’m also planning on making another club with some mates of mine. Outside of school, I take piano lessons (being going at it since 1st grade).


Are you a fan of any sports teams at the moment?

Not really. Sports hasn’t really been a go-to pastime for me. The only exceptions that I’d watch sports are if there’s competitive racing (F1, Rallycross, NASCAR, etc.) or the Polish soccer team playing a game on the television. Of course, I don’t know when any of this happens, so I rarely take the time to sit by my TV to watch anything. However, I have been watching a bit of competitive video-gaming at the moment, so I guess that might count?


What are some things you are passionate about, and why?

I’m very passionate about many things, the first being instruments and music. I’ve started with piano lessons since first grade, then I added trumpet in fourth grade, and I kept up my musical hobbies ever since. Music is something that I find really interesting due to how complex or how simple it can be while still maintaining moving/exciting emotions. This was also a reason why I started EDM production as a hobby.

Another thing I’m passionate about is my YouTube/filmmaking hobby. Some people don’t know this, but I find YouTube and film creation to be a creative outlet that suits me, unlike most other art forms. Audiovisual entertainment is a really captivating and interesting way to capture the hearts and minds of an audience to help spread different emotions. I mostly use it to make others laugh and have a fun time through the heavy implementation of my random sense of humor and MEMES.

Video gaming is also something I’m passionate about. Sure, people say that it’s a waste of time and is ruining minds of the young, but what many fail to see is that video gaming is the new era of competition. Video game developers are constantly figuring out ways to make interesting games that promote the use of strategy and skill to reign victorious. Games like Battlefield and even Fortnite are guilty of this! Within every game, whether it falls into the genre of MMORPG, fighting, or even first-person-shooter, people are always finding ways to outsmart the opponent in ways never seen before while making it look easy and incredible in the process. This is why people hold video game tournaments for Rocket League, Fortnite, and Rainbow 6 Siege, for crying out loud!

Lastly, I’m fond of simulations. Even though it technically fits into the realm of video gaming, I find it really interesting as it provides others a realistic sense of how the world works without having to spend thousands of dollars to learn a profession and find out by actually getting a career within that interest. I mainly take part in racing simulations (Gran Turismo Sport, Project CARS, etc.) and airplane simulation (FSX: Steam Edition).


If you had to choose one, what would you consider your favorite meme?

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Goodness, this is a hard one. If I had to pick an all-time favorite, it would probably be within the realm of the T-POSE or Despacito 2. Either those two or any Phil Swift/Flex Tape memes.


You said at the talent show you consider yourself to be extremely unique. Why is that?

I consider myself unique mainly because of my personality. I find myself to be extremely random and silly, which is something you rarely ever find. You’d probably find me doing that weird Marlon Webb walk down in the halls before the next class starts, that is, if I feel like it. I also find myself unique as this trait constantly clashes with my ambivert qualities. For those who don’t know, an ambivert is the fine line between an extrovert and an introvert, where many qualities of both sides are shared. I call myself this since I am very shy when I meet new people (especially the females), but am more relaxed and silly around friends.


What is one thing most people probably don’t know about you?

Probably how I consider myself to be an ambivert, as I said within the last question. Another thing that some people didn’t know about me is my hobbies in simulation.

One thing that NO ONE at Oratory Prep knows about me is how I went wild-water rafting in the Grand Canyon for 8 days.


What inspired you to do YouTube?

Mainly the idea of how many people could easily have the freedom to express themselves and their eccentric/zany personalities through audiovisual means. People could do anything they loved through YouTube, and it inspired me to start my own thing. At first, I mainly started it because I thought I could become some kid genius who thought that re-enacting the Gandalf “You Shall Not Pass” scene with his cat on an iPhone would get millions of views. BOY WAS I WRONG. After some time, I learned my mistakes and started to learn how to produce much better content over time, utilizing only Photoshop and iMovie at the time. After an arduous, annoying time with iMovie, I did my research and managed to snag Vegas Pro 14 Edit off of Humble for $20. Since then, I’ve learned how much fun it is to edit and create videos that had the ability to make others laugh and enjoy the silliness of what they watched. It still makes me extremely happy to know that others enjoy what I do on the platform and it’s still a great feeling to be able to make others laugh through what I make.


If you had to leave the student body with one quote, what would it be?

Better yet, I’ll give TWO!

“Why worry? If you’ve done the best you can, worrying won’t make it better.”
  • Walt Disney
“You’re dead if you only aim for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.”
  • Walt Disney