The Hidden Story of Panic! At The Disco    

Photograph of Brendon Urie

Photo Courtesy of IMDB

Photograph of Brendon Urie

Christopher Adinaro, Staff Writer

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For any fans of “Panic! At The Disco” out there, you must have heard about the newly uncovered story that Brendon Urie has weaved into his songs, and if you haven’t heard about it then listen up, and let your mind be blown. An intricately weaved story that not only fits the lyrics to a T but is further reinforced by the expert choreography in the music videos shows not only his creativity but also his impressive ability to plan it out and put it all together.

Starting off with the song “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” from his newest album “Pray For The Wicked,” he starts off the story in a comedic way, while still creating a great backstory for his unofficial trilogy. Introducing the main point behind the story, the theft of the “Devil’s Key,” right off the bat it gives the story a solid foundation to build off. Although the creative ways in which he dispatches the would-be robbers make the video hilarious in its own right, sadly it’s not enough to be the base of the story.

Next up in line is his hit song “This Is Gospel” which came out in 2013 in their album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die. It follows up with Urie at the hospital having an operation done on him while he violently struggles against the doctors. Then it shows him being put in a coffin, from which he breaks free and starts running towards the light, which means he died.

Ending off the story, for now, is “Emperor’s New Clothes.” From the “Death of a Bachelor” album released in 2016, it shows Brendon Urie’s descent into the underworld. The music video starts off with him coming out of a white fog with the ending of “This is Gospel” playing in the background before he’s suddenly dropped through the floor with evil laughter in the background. With the progression of the song, the music video shows him slowly turning more demonic in a graveyard-esque hellscape. It all ends off with him as a full on demon with horns and wings, and the silhouette of a giant humanoid walking towards him.

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