Mrs. Pasnik Featured Teacher

Mrs. Pasnik Featured Teacher

Nick Looney, Staff Writer

This week, I sit down with Mrs. Pasnik, one of Oratory’s top teachers, and one of my personal favorites. Known for her zeal, especially when it comes to science, I knew Mrs. Pasnik would be the perfect person for an interesting interview.

Nick: So Mrs. Pasnik, what classes do you teach at Oratory, and when did you start?

Mrs. Pasnik: I started last year so this is my second year, and I teach Honors Biology, AP Environmental Science, and CP Environmental Science. Six classes in total.

Nick: What clubs, sports, or other extracurriculars do you run at the school?

Mrs. Pasnik: I run the fishing club and the Environmental club.

Nick: What made you want to be a science teacher?

Mrs. Pasnik: I love science. I love talking about it. It’s fun for me to get kids excited about it.

Nick: Why did you decide to teach at Oratory?

Mrs. Pasnik: I had just moved from Maryland, and I was looking for a position where I didn’t have to be New Jersey certified as I was certified to teach in Maryland, and OP had Environmental Science and Biology, which I’ve taught for 10 years.

Nick: What is special about teaching at Oratory?

Mrs. Pasnik: The students are special. You don’t have as many problems as in public school. You can just teach an have fun and trust your students will do the work, which makes teaching more fun.

Nick: Who is the strangest person you’ve ever met?

Mrs. Pasnik: Joey D’Angelo. (For those unfamiliar with Joey D, he is Oratory’s resident coffee drinking referee, commonly referred to as a 50-year-old Italian man in a 17-year-old’s body.)

Nick: If you could have a conversation with any historical figure, who would it be and why?

Mrs. Pasnik: President Theodore Roosevelt, because he was such an instrumental figure during the time period, and he was able to accomplish a lot. I feel like we could use his wisdom today.

Nick: If you had to live in a fictional world (tv show, book, movie, etc.) which one would it be and why?

Mrs. Pasnik: Probably something where I could be in space. Space is awesome. I could float around wormholes and stuff. I’m all about teleportation.

Nick: Who is your idol?

Mrs. Pasnik: I don’t really have an idol. I really looked up to Greg Louganis, because I was a diver. He was a 4 time gold medal winner in diving. And I really looked up to Bob Ballard, who found the Titanic.

Nick: Any final thoughts or comments?

Mrs. Pasnik: No. I’m good.

Image credits to Oratory Prep.