2018 Baseball Tryouts

James Kim, Staff Writer

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The weather prevented the baseball program from beginning tryouts on time. However, once temperatures had risen, the first day rolled smoothly. All of the players were split into 2 groups: the upperclassmen/varsity players and the underclassmen. Outside, one group warmed up and ran timed sprints to first base. Afterward, the players took their defensive positions and worked on fielding the ball and making the proper throws. Meanwhile, the other group was inside the Bain gym, taking cuts on tees and in the cages off front toss. The groups switched after an hour or so and throughout the whole afternoon, Coaches Maybe, Tavares, Sommo, and Lavine were evaluating their skills.

The weather had once again failed to please baseball players towards the end of the week. A storm, which brought roughly a foot of snow, piled high onto the field and tryouts had been pushed once again. However, the teams did find time to get work done in the gym. Once again, players showed their hitting skills with soft toss/front toss and on the tee while also displaying defensive skills by taking grounders and throwing.

After the snow had been plowed, the players played in scrimmages. Coaches were able to evaluate how the players performed in games. There were 4 teams, split based on grade, which rotated between hitting, fielding, pitching, and doing drills. After repeating this the next day on Friday, March 16, cuts were made. Everyone waited in the gym, anticipating the coaches’ decision, while each player was called down one by one. By the end of the day, the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity teams were official.