Analyzing the Yankees’ 2018 Lineup

Analyzing the Yankees' 2018 Lineup

James Kim, Staff Writer

With the recent acquisition of third baseman Brandon Drury from the Arizona Diamondbacks, the New York Yankees seem to have developed a loaded lineup. A possible starting lineup may be as follows:

  1. Brett Gardner (left field)

Gardner played well in the leadoff role last season. Considered as one of the fastest players on the team, Brett racks up many pitches in his at-bats and most importantly, gets on base. He is also able to flash power, as he hit 21 home runs in 2017.

  1. Aaron Judge (right field)

The 6”7’ sensation will fit well in the number 2 spot in the batting order (where the team’s best player hits in today’s game). After his outstanding season batting .284 and hitting 52 home runs, Judge will thrive as long as he is able to keep his strikeout rate low.

  1. Giancarlo Stanton (designated hitter)

Right after Judge will be another beast, Stanton. After being sent from Miami to New York during the offseason, people were only imagining the possibilities that the duo will bring to the Bronx. Last season, Stanton was named the National League Most Valuable Player, hitting 59 home runs while maintaining a .281 average.

  1. Gary Sanchez (catcher)

Despite missing some time last season due to an injury, Sanchez still performed well when he played. He has incredible power as shown in his performances the last 2 seasons. With a full season in sight, Sanchez can put up the best numbers of his young career. More importantly, with the possibility of Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez hitting next to each other in the order, runs will surge on the Yanks’ scoreboard.

  1. Greg Bird (first base)

Although Bird suffered through injuries and failed to perform consistently in the regular season, he still exhibited potential during last year’s spring training and postseason. If he plays a full healthy season with many at-bats, Bird can possibly hit 30-40 home runs throughout the season. With a left stroke perfect for Yankee Stadium’s short porch, fans can definitely expect powerful results from Bird this upcoming season.

  1. Didi Gregorius (shortstop)

After being acquired a couple years ago from the Arizona Diamondbacks, Didi had a tough time adjusting to the Bronx. However, after finding his groove, he was seen as a major asset to the team’s success. In 2017, he hit 25 home runs while batting .287. He also played exceptional defense and proved to be one of the best shortstops in the entire league.

  1. Aaron Hicks (center field)

With much hype surrounding outfielders (or designated hitter) Stanton and Judge, Hicks seems to often be left out of the conversation. However, Hicks is a great player who can thrive in the bottom of the team’s lineup. In addition to his cannon of an arm, Hicks displayed improvement to his hitting. Last season, he batted .266 and hit 15 home runs, the best numbers he put up in his 5-year career. With this momentum, Hicks can continue to display his exceptional defense while putting up big numbers at the plate.

  1. Brandon Drury (third base)

As mentioned before, Drury was acquired very recently from the Diamondbacks. Although he did not put up crazy numbers in Arizona (.267 avg. with 13 home runs in 2017), the Yankees see major potential in the young player. The team had been trying to obtain him in years past (largely because of NY scout Tim Naehring) as he has a swing fitting for Yankee Stadium; he drives the ball hard to the opposite field, leading to more home runs. They also believe that they can dramatically improve his swing and discipline at the plate. If Drury makes good adjustments, he can produce great results and be seen as a “steal” from the Diamondbacks.

  1. Gleyber Torres (second base)

Since Starlin Castro has departed from New York, the highly regarded prospect Torres will look to be his replacement at second. The soon-to-be rookie is ranked as the 6th best prospect by Baseball America and the 5th best prospect by Major League Baseball. If he works on his skills and prepares well for the bigs, Torres will possibly have a great rookie season and add even more youth to the team.

In 2018, fans can expect much results from the New York Yankees. With each players’ strength, the whole lineup will thrive and the team will score many runs and go deep into the postseason.  This upcoming season, the team will arguably be the best lineup in all of baseball and will possibly go down as one of the best in the history of the sport.


Photo credit: NY Daily News