OP Rowdies Making Noise


James Kim, Staff Writer

In addition to the performances of the teams, the athletics at Oratory also emphasize support and school spirit. By going to the games, students represent the OP brotherhood and the pride they have for the school.


This winter, the ‘rowdies’ have been very active. Most notable for attending basketball and hockey games, Oratory students have come out to bring life and energy. Many seniors, including Joe Gaffney, Patrick Heffernan, Ryan Sargenti, and others, have led the charge by leading the chants at games and notifying students through emails about upcoming events.


Recently, the school came together on Thursday night to support the basketball team against rival New Providence. Despite suffering a loss, the crowd was very active throughout the whole game. Whether it was singing the National Anthem or chanting various phrases throughout the entire game, the noise of the rowdies constantly filled up the gym. In addition, a day later on Friday, many students came to the Union Sports Arena to support the hockey team on Senior Night. In strong support of the sole senior on the team, Anthony Pergola, the rowdies watched the team blow past Dayton 7-1.


As the season continues for the winter sports teams at Oratory, fans will continue to come out and support the school. As more games are played, students will continue to enjoy participating in a fun, lively environment.