OP Baseball Preparing for the Season

OP Baseball Preparing for the Season

James Kim, Staff Writer

At Oratory, the basketball, swimming, fencing, and bowling teams have been thriving in their ongoing seasons. However, despite the spring being several months away, the baseball program has been at work.

To become stronger, faster, and bigger, many baseball players have worked out in the school’s new weight room. Through a workout plan created by Coach Maybe, the workouts include exercises that specifically benefit baseball players. This includes lateral jumps, medicine ball slams, pull-ups, chest presses and many more. The workouts, which usually last around 40 minutes to an hour, work the players’ bodies and strengthen them in areas that will aid them in playing in games. The hitters, pitchers, and hitters this upcoming spring will definitely bring more power and explosiveness to the games.

In addition to working out, many players have been attending winter workouts held at Extra Innings in Hanover, New Jersey. Coach Mike Sutlovich, the coach of many successful players in the state, has aided the team in preparing for the upcoming season. With his staff, he has implemented offensive and defensive drills that have improved the players’ rusty swings and throws. After taking more swings and grounders for the upcoming sessions, the players will be ready for the season.

The hard-workers in Oratory’s baseball program have definitely improved this offseason. Many players have gone to the weight room and to indoor facilities to strengthen their bodies and skills. As a result, this spring, players will use their talent to bring many wins to the program.