The Benefits of Trump’s National Park Cut

The Benefits of Trump's National Park Cut

Thomas Coder, Staff Writer

Last week, President Trump announced he will no longer federally preserve 85% of Bears Ears and Escalante National Parks. As a result, protests in Salt Lake City have aroused. The pieces of both of these national parks that are being cut were preserved by Clinton and Obama. The truth is, many people are forgetting the reasons these lands were really locked up. Clinton and Obama preserved these extra pieces of land to conserve natural resources, not to appreciate nature. By making these lands open again, Trump has opened up many new possibilities. Rather than just let the land sit there, it can now be utilized to American’s advantage.

The National Park Service must already pay 12 billion dollars for all their crumbling buildings, roads, bridges, (etc.) to be repaired or replaced. The money spent on preserving these pieces of land can now go to rebuilding these things. As a result, access will be reopened to parts of National Parks which it was closed. Easier access has also been restored to the newly opened lands. Trump has lifted restrictions on motorized access. This allows other people than the able-bodied to enjoy these lands, such as wounded veterans, the elderly, and the disabled. Trump has also released the restrictions on hunting, fishing, and camping on these grounds, which allows people to pursue their passions or hobbies. Opened up access to these lands has also benefited Native Americans. For centuries, Native Americans have used these lands, Bears Ears, in particular, to hunt, gather, and worship. They also used the natural resources to collect herbs as medicine or find meeting places to perform religious ceremonies.

The opening of these lands will also promote the economy. These now opened lands will promote rural expansion, as they are very fertile. One of the most controversial advances of the economic promotion has been drilling for natural gas. We are advanced enough as a society to drill in an area without destroying it. These extraction jobs will promote the local economy of the area. It will also lessen our dependence on foreign countries for natural resources. There is no need for us to lock up areas in order to preserve them. We don’t need to prevent local economies from thriving or spend more money on preserving these lands. For this reason, Trump’s move will be a beneficial one.

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