The Upcoming 2017-2018 Fencing Season

Jack Mogen, Staff Writer

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Last year the team came in at a respectable 5-5, one of Oratory’s best seasons, and the saber squad came 5th in the state. However, the promising talent that led the team to new heights is gone, leaving a new generation of inexperienced youngsters to fill big shoes. Starting off with the saber squad, probably hit the hardest by the power vacuum left by the previous seniors. With the entire starting lineup gone and 5 new contenders vying for the three starting positions, the sophomores seem to be the closest to claiming the majority of the spots. Considering 3 of the 5 saber fencers are sophomores, few would dispute me. On the other two squads, epee, and foil, only one starting senior was lost and so there was not much change in top slots. The season does not seem like it will go as well as last year, especially with the loss of the saber squad, which carried the team at meets for years.

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