Student Council Notes

Logan Drone, Staff Writer

As many of you know, the Student Council section on the Omega has been quite quiet lately. I have recently talked to Student Council President Patrick Heffernan on a way to resolve this ongoing problem, and he gave me the idea of creating a weekly article about the notes from the Student Councils meetings every Wednesday morning. This idea will help people get a better understanding of the upcoming events hosted by the Student Council.

This past week, our main goal was beginning to get prepared for the upcoming Class Wars. For those people who don’t know, Class Wars is an ongoing event where every grade battles it out by participating and winning in events to earn rewards for their respective grade. Class Wars will begin on December 7th, where each grade has 24 kids participating in 3 events (8 kids per grade per event) consisting of Sumo Wrestling, foam Jousting, and Bouncy Boxing. These 24 kids will all be picked randomly, based on if they decided that they would want to participate in the events of the day. The Student Council is also trying to incorporate a fourth event during the day, which will be one of the following: Jenga, Ping-Pong, a pushup contest, Cornhole, or Kan Jam. For the fourth event, students will be chosen randomly from the crowd (if they want to participate), and there will be separate prizes for the winners of the fourth event. To conclude the meeting, the Student Council decided on creating a participation event for each grade that will add up to be spirit points for the grade. Each grade will be assigned a certain color, and depending on how many kids participate in each grade, that’s how many points that grade gets. The colors for each grade are:

Senior: Blue

Junior: Red

Sophomores: Black

Freshmen: White

8th Grade: Green

7th Grade: Pink

After these colors where decided, the bell rang, and the Student Council meeting, a very successful one, concluded.