The Growth of Morristown


Thomas Coder, Staff Writer

Morristown, a town that is about twenty minutes from Oratory, is known to play a role in the Revolutionary war efforts. It’s first permanent settlement came in 1715, from migrants of New York and Connecticut. The town was named after the Governor Lewis Morris. George Washington first came to Morristown in May 1773, years before the Revolutionary War. Washington also paid a visit in 1777, this time with more of a purpose. After the victories at Trenton and Princeton, the army needed to camp at Morristown. This they did from January to May. Why Morristown? It was in between New York and Philadelphia while being protected by the Watchung Mountains, a strategic location. It was also chosen because of the skilled residents in their industries, and also natural resources. These resources would be used to craft arms for the war. The two churches acted as treatment centers for smallpox victims. Washington’s second visit came from December 1779 to June 1780. The second military encampment was located at Jockey Hollow. Washington’s own headquarters was located at Ford Mansion, a single mansion for his family and head officers. The winter of 1780 was bitter cold, the worst one of the war itself. There was also starvation due to funding issues among the army. The army did prevail and completed its second stay at Morristown. Today, Morristown has multiple statues commemorating these events and has dedicated Washington’s headquarters at the mansion and Jockey Hollow as state parks. The center of Morristown (the Morristown Green) is also filled with statues.

Picture from Wikipedia