Yankee Season in Review

Yankee Season in Review

James Kim, Staff Writer

Sadly, the New York Yankees’ season came to an end after losing game 7 of the ALCS against the Houston Astros. Although this was not the ending the team and fans wanted, everyone got to learn about the team’s abilities.  In addition, we got to see a peak of the future through the youngsters. Here are a few elements of the Yankees that were displayed this past season.

1) All Rise: Aaron Judge

After struggling in his brief stint with the team last year, Judge had a sensational year. He hit 52 home runs, scored 128 runs, drove in 114 runs, and hit for a .284 batting average. These numbers are absolutely unbelievable, but Aaron Judge earned the success through his natural talent and hard work. He also made spectacular catches and throws in right field; most recently, he robbed a home run in game 7 of the Championship Series. This play represents all of the game-saving, breathtaking plays he made throughout the season. As a result, Judge will undoubtedly earn the American League Rookie of the Year and possibly the American League Most Valuable Player Award. Judge, who is only 25 years old, shows a bright future for the organization.


2) The strong bullpen

Although their starting pitching rotation may not have been the most consistent, the team had an outstanding bullpen. Most notably, the relievers consist of All-Stars Dellin Betances, David Robertson, and Aroldis Chapman. These three hurlers are considered among the best relievers in the Bigs. In addition, the bullpen also has Chad Green, Adam Warren, and Tommy Kahnle, all of whom are valuable assets with solid numbers in 2017. Although offseason trades may result in different relievers, 2018 looks like another strong year for the Yanks’ bullpen.


3) The Yankees will fight hard

Throughout the season and especially the playoffs, the Yankees were not to expected to win. In all 3 playoff series they played (Wild Card, ALDS, ALCS), they were (at first) being outplayed by their opponent. In the Wild Card game against the Minnesota Twins, they instantly gave up three runs. With this big lead in the first inning, spectators immediately thought that the Twins were going to comfortably win. However, the Yankees answered back and immediately tied things up. They ended up winning 8-4. In the division series, the Indians were leading 2-0 in the series; everyone expected Cleveland to win one more game and advance in the playoffs. Although their opponent was regarded as one of the top teams of the year, the Yankees bounced back and won three straight games, moving on in the playoffs. In the ALCS, New York lost the first two games against the Houston Astros. However, they won three straight games to lead the series 3-2. Sadly they lost the next two games, ending the season. Although they lost, the Yankees showed to fight through all of their players. They never gave up and they proved their critics wrong in all aspects.


4) Youth within the team

In the past, the Yankees have been known for having old, injury-prone veterans on their roster. However, 2017’s team was dense with youthful players. The majority of the starting players on the team were in their 20s: Didi Gregorius, Aaron Judge, Starlin Castro, Greg Bird, Luis Severino, Gary Sanchez, and Clint Frazier. The few “old” veterans on the team, such as CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner, still provide great results on the field and provide mentorship for the younger guys. As a result, the highly valuable and talented players will stick with the team for many years to come.


Photo Credit: Pinstripe Alley