Get to Know Owen O’Loughlin

Get to Know Owen OLoughlin

Nick Looney, Staff Writer

Today I sit down with Mr. Owen O’Loughlin, an Oratory man of much renown. His brother Seamus is an Oratory alumnus. Revered among his peers and teachers alike, let’s hear what he has to say.

Owen, how long have you been at OP?

  • I have been at Oratory for 2 years this being my second

What grade are you in?

  • I am a sophomore.

What brought you to OP?

  • I was brought to Oratory by the challenging academics, small school environment because I went to a small elementary school, the friendly environment, and my brother, Seamus, who went to Oratory.

What activities do you do here?

  • At Oratory, I am part of the lacrosse team, the Model UN Team, the Science League, and the Robotics Team.

What’s your favorite part of the OP experience?

  • My favorite part of the Oratory experience is the friendly environment, all of my friends (including but not limited to Nick Looney), and the lacrosse team.

What’s your favorite part of your daily life here?

  • My favorite part of my OP daily life is seeing all my friends and Mr. McCrystal’s history class. (I hope he reads this and raises my grade)

How has OP changed since your brother went here?

  • Since my brother graduated in 2009 Oratory has a new building, a new field, a very different faculty, along with much better academics, students, facilities, athletics, teachers, and academic teams. Overall I think we’ve improved.

What is your favorite OP memory?

  • My favorite Oratory memory so far was Mrs. Pasnik’s biology class.

Who do you admire most at OP?

  • The person I admire most at OP would be Mr. McCrystal if he were to raise my grade, but for now, it’s the guy living in the mirror. (Note from author: He really wants that grade)