Featured Student: Ryan Del Rio

Featured Student: Ryan Del Rio

Nick Looney , Staff Writer

The author would like to note that Ryan Del Rio, our featured student this week, forced me to do this interview.

Nick: How long have you been at Oratory, Ryan?

Ryan: Since the beginning of freshman year, last year.

Nick: And what grade are you in?

Ryan: I’m a sophomore.

Nick: Why did you come to Oratory?

Ryan: In my old school, I was bullied a lot and I wanted to get out of there. I wanted a better education and meet new people. I looked into OP and decided to come here.

Nick: What activities do you do at the school?

Ryan: Currently, I’m not playing a sport but I’m going to bowl and play baseball. I’m in the history club, the St. Philip Neri Club, The Omega, the Robotics club, and the Italian club (John Annunziata takes credit for him being in the Italian club). 

Nick: What do you enjoy most during your daily life at OP?

Ryan: Seeing my friends.

Nick: What makes coming to OP special?

Ryan: Everyone is so kind and outgoing. Everyone is supportive of each other.

Nick: What’s your favorite OP memory?

Ryan: Seeing Nick Looney get rocked by 3 dodgeballs in a row in our dodgeball game against seniors.

Nick: What activity do you wish we had?

Ryan: This is something I mentioned to the student council. I wanna do tournaments of things like ping pong, foosball, and trivia, so less athletic kids can have fun.

Nick: What do you admire about Nick Looney the most?

Ryan: You’re always so kind to everyone and always try to do the right thing. (It has also been said that Nick Looney is a teddy bear.)  

Nick: Any closing thoughts you wanna say to the school?

Ryan: Live life to the fullest. Shoutout to John Annunziata. Shoutout to Mr. McCrystal for letting me make Nick write about me.