No Perfect Form of Government

Jack Mogen, Staff Writer

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Now, when it comes down to it “perfect” is in its essence subjective to the utmost degree. But for the sake of this thought process, perfection will be defined as the most efficient for the largest number of people as to maintain a stable system. However, the problem does not inherently rely on the systems themselves. Humanity is the greatest cause of instability and collapse.

Our own faults contribute to the collapse of a stable system: One is the tendency of a mob mentality where the best can become completely removed from their own sets of morals and become mindless cogs of the machine. Led by emotion, they are capable of going against their own ideas to commit acts of violence or stupidity. For example, most people wouldn’t break the law individually but if everyone else around you was doing it why wouldn’t you? This lack of responsibility for one’s actions shatters the foundation of order because when you associate no punishment with a law, that law ceases to have any weight. And what is defined order without rules and laws, chaos?

…Not to mention humanity’s greed and endless hunger for power… Our fellow man seeks to go as far as possible to make more and satiate that endless hunger of want. That need for wanting more of that great liquid power that feeds our own inner demons has led countless down the road of corruption. That paved path that has lead so many to break that foundation of order is an inherent problem within the fiber of our own beings. That issue does not lead to a stable structure.

Then there is our hate of the unknown that so cripples our way of life. We create such a rigid order that cannot keep up with our need and hatred of change. We hate the idea of the unknown because it is a change we have not yet understood. Which is why we create a rigid order, however as time progresses so do we but that rigid order does not. We create a box that cannot contain ourselves, so our inevitable change and our inability to see the future again incapacitates the foundation of order.

Now that collection of our own faults is why we constantly assemble and disassemble systems of order. Because we build a system with literally no foresight, we sign the contract of that order’s demise. In the modern age, the rifts within the government are starting to push through. However, the most likely outcome will be a forceful patching of the cracks within the foundation. A rush to maintain the status quo at any cost will be the inevitable if the system is to survive any amount of time.


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