San Bernadino Shooting


James Kim, Staff Writer

Tragedy struck an elementary school in San Bernardino, California on Monday morning. Cedric Anderson, a 53-year-old from Riverside California, arrived at the North Park Elementary School, where his ex-wife worked as a special education teacher. He was allowed access into the building by saying he was dropping something off for his wife. However, he opened fire inside the classroom, filled with fifteen students, a teacher, and two aides. He killed his wife, Karen Elaine Smith, and 8-year-old Jonathan Martinez. After he opened fire, he killed himself with the same gun.

Anderson has had a history of weapons, domestic violence, and drug charges. He and his ex-wife were friends for four years before they got married. However, their marriage only lasted a month.

This is a horrific occurrence in a city that had just experienced terror attacks in December of 2015. It is hoped that the students, parents, relatives, and faculty at North Park Elementary School will recover from such a devastating incident.

photo credit: latimes