Oratory Prep: A Haunting

Oratory Prep: A Haunting

Nick Looney, Staff Writer

Hello, I am Nick Looney. If you’re reading this, it means I survived my investigation long enough to turn this article in. I don’t know how much longer I have. Because surely, the creature I was hunting is after me. What creature? Why, the ghost haunting of Oratory Prep that is.

Oratory has a long and storied history. We are 110 years old, leaving plenty of time for people connected to our school to die. Which means ghosts are not out of the question. Let’s look at the evidence supporting there is a ghost first. One, today, and other days, it smelled of rotten eggs in Bain Hall, a sure sign of paranormal activity. I was told that’s because the science classes were doing experiments with rotten eggs. This was, of course, a lie, because no teacher would willingly submit themselves to such a smell. Also, ever notice weird sounds around OP? What sounds like chairs moving above you, and other “explainable” phenomena, could very well be the work of a dastardly poltergeist. Also, missing items are common at Oratory. There was even an Omega article about it. Missing or misplaced items are common experiences during a haunting, due to poltergeists’ mischievous and malicious behavior, and ability to interact with the corporeal world.

Now that we have established that there is most certainly a ghost, let’s analyze why it is here. First of all, like I said, we have just hit our 110th anniversary. And, sadly enough, every year one graduating class begins the period of their lives where most do not have long for this earth. Humans tend to live around 75 years. 75 years ago was 1942. Now, why is this significant? Because most members of the graduating classes before 1942 likely fought in World War II. The oldest possible graduate in 1941, the year the US entered the war, was 34. A great deal of faculty likely fought in the war. Because of the emotional trauma of war, graduates of those years would have haunted battlefields because they affected their lives more. And for someone born in 1942, they would graduate in 1960. I know of one person at Oratory Prep who was there that year. This person would’ve been at OP from 1958 to 1962 and would’ve known our specter. Danny DeVito. If I survive this investigation, I will attempt to find Mr. DeVito for more information. Also, construction is known to stir up ghostly activity. And we just tore down our oldest building and spent a year on the construction of a new one. That is a recipe for ghosts.

These are my findings so far. If I suddenly disappear, you, reader, must continue the investigation. Danny DeVito is the key.


Image credits to Behind the Voice Actor