Opening of DeGaeta Hall

Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos, Staff Writer

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At last, the day many members of the Oratory community have been waiting for has arrived. DeGaeta Hall, the momentous addition to the Oratory Prep campus will finally open for full use on May 5th, 2017. Our daily lives will now be impacted by a brand new gymnasium, nearly doubling the size of our athletic facilities, four new classrooms, a plethora of administrative offices and a lounge reserved exclusively for seniors.  Teachers have not been forgotten in the design of DeGaeta Hall and can now take a well-deserved respite in the brand new faculty lounge. These additions bring joy and excitement to the Oratory community as a whole and all will be able to indulge in the promises made about the new building. In addition to pleasing those who will eventually use it the most, the students and faculty, DeGaeta Hall will also satisfy all who put their hard work, tireless hours of planning, and their best efforts into creating a building that will accommodate the needs of the Oratory community at large. Everyone who has ever accomplished a task or goal knows that there is no better feeling than the satisfaction of having successfully completed an objective.

To commemorate the efforts of everyone who contributed to the construction of this building on the Oratory Prep campus, there will be a dedication ceremony on May 5th with a barbecue to follow. This is a major event in the history of Oratory Prep, a school founded in 1907, with a rich history focusing on a proud Catholic education. The opening of DeGaeta Hall is and will continue to be a prominent event inscribed onto the pages of Oratory history, an event adding to an already illustrious and proud past, as well as a vibrant future filled with new challenges and even greater hope.