Strangest Conspiracies

Strangest Conspiracies

Nick Looney, Staff Writer

This article goes with the theme of conspiracy theory week here at the Omega. Today, fitting with my personal theme of weird discoveries and articles, I’ve compiled a few of the stranger conspiracies I can find. In fact, I cut a few conspiracies because they actually had some credibility. Only the weirdest will be presented today. We have the fake moon, a portal to ancient gods, and the location of the Illuminati.

First, we have the groundbreaking theory that the moon doesn’t exist. First of all, the unnamed proponent of this theory states, the moon is a fable. Because scientists “told” us that there was a man in the moon, it was made of cheese, and that there were bat-people living in elaborate cities on the lunar surface, that automatically means everything relating to the moon is fake and if you don’t agree you’re a sheep. Another point is that the moon couldn’t float forever, and would eventually fall. Because that’s how gravity works. Finally, we’ve never seen the far side of the moon so it is obviously a 2D illusion. The author is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who definitively proves the moon’s fictitious status.

Next, we have the theory that the Large Hadron Collider, a place where atoms and fast moving particles are tested, is a secret project to reawaken the Egyptian god of the dead, Osiris. Either that or it will summon the Hindu God Shiva. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the gods traveled between worlds using the Ta-Wer. The Ta-Wer, or the Osiris Device, conspiracy theorists say, was a stargate, or portal to a wormhole. Apparently, the LHC is definitively trying to make one, because, well, reasons. But it goes deeper. There is a statue of the Hindu Shiva out front. A piece of the collider looks vaguely like that statue if you squint. And there are strange writings (Sanskrit?) protected by a strange security system inside. That’s all we got

Finally, the proof that the Denver airport is the Illuminati’s base. This is a long one, so I will be brief. Rapid fire. Denver International is twice as big as the second biggest airport in the country, yet it has a reduced capacity compared to Denver’s old airport. The old airport was fine but was replaced anyway. The construction took twice as long, and twice the budget than expected, and no one knows where the money went. A blue horse statue with red glowing eyes fell on and killed its sculptor. Its nickname is Blucifer and is said to represent Death, the 4th horseman of the apocalypse. Construction workers claim to have worked on underground tunnels and 5 full underground buildings that are not in public use. The runways are in the shape of a swastika. There are creepy murals with all kinds of weird religious and historical symbols that supposedly document the New World Order’s takeover (pictured). The dedication plaque features freemason symbols, and the date of dedication adds up to 33, the highest rank in the freemason order. There are quotes from children killed by or survivors of the Holocaust on some walls. And finally, there is an unimaginably high rate of plane windshields shattering, supposedly due to electromagnetic pulses. What you do with this information is up to you.


Image credits to Atlas Obscura