New England Patriots Boycotting White House Visit

James Kim, Staff Writer

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It is a well-known tradition for professional sports teams to visit the White House after winning a championship. During Barack Obama’s presidency, several teams have earned a visit, including the Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Cavaliers, the Denver Broncos, and more. Most recently, the New Patriots won Super Bowl LI. This means that they would have the honor of being the first team to visit the White House during Donald Trump’s presidency. However, many players are not too happy and are boycotting the visit.


Out of the 53 players on the Patriots’ roster, at least 6 players (as of February 12) are refusing to visit the White House. Tight end Martellus Bennett was the first person to make a statement as he said, “I am not going to go. I can elaborate later on in life; right now I am just trying to enjoy this.” Safety Devin McCourty has said, “I don’t feel accepted in the White House”. The other players who are boycotting with Bennett and McCourty include LeGarrette Blount, Chris Long, Dont’a Hightower, and Alan Branch. Bennett and McCourty, who are both supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, have been known to raise their fists during the national anthem before the games.

Photo Credit: Boston Globe