Najee Harris: From Homelessness to Top Prospect


James Kim, Staff Writer

Football fans may know Najee Harris as 2017’s number one overall recruit. He is 6’3” and 225 pounds. In his career at Antioch High School as a running back, he has 5,172 rushing yards and 63 total touchdowns through less than 3 full varsity seasons. He also competed in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, where he finished as one of six Player of the Year finalists in the event. In addition, he chose to play college football for Alabama, which is considered as having the best college football program in the nation. He is also highly projected, as he has been compared to NFL players such as Adrian Peterson and Leonard Fournette. On the outside, he may seem like a talented and gifted athlete, but there is much more to his story.

He grew up in California with his parents and 5 siblings. During an interview, he recalls his struggles as a child. He and his family lived above a soup kitchen in a 6 by 8 feet of space. They would eat from the kitchen downstairs, even though there were ants crawling around it. He also stated that he lived in many homeless shelters before then. If he was not in a shelter, he would be staying at a family member’s home or in a car. He was never steadily raised and he was “ping-ponging” around the West Coast of California. Not once did he stay in a place for one whole year. Not only was he homeless, but he was a victim of child abuse. His mother, Tianna, never earned her high school diploma, and his father, Curt, never held onto a job and while going through several addictions. They would verbally and physically abuse Najee and his siblings. In addition, his parents would abuse each other due to frustration and anger. Although Najee had a difficult childhood, he grew up to become a happy and polite young adult. He learned from his struggles and mistakes and became the successful person he is today. Not only is he one of the best rising stars in the country, he has a successful career ahead of him. Najee Harris is a name to look out for in the future.

Picture Credit: bamaonline