First Impression of President Trump

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First Impression of President Trump

Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos, Staff Writer

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2017 has been marked not only by a contentious campaign cycle but also by an intense presidential transition. As of January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump officially became the president of the United States of America. Although many people opposed his election and forthcoming inauguration, the customary ceremony was marked by the original traditions of the United States inaugurations. Many were expecting President Trump not to fulfill the promises made during the election season, but so far he has.

On day one, Trump began by signing the Executive Order to Minimize the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal. This act was called for by Trump and his supporters throughout the campaign cycle and many were quite satisfied with the repeal of this bill. This act will affect people who are currently benefitting from the Affordable Care Act. The House of Representatives has taken its first steps to repeal the action by passing new budgets to deal with the repeal and allow the White House and Republicans to scramble for a new plan.  

On day four, President Donald J. Trump signed the Executive Order to expedite environmental reviews and approvals for high-profile infrastructure projects. This order does absolutely nothing because Congress must approve a budget for infrastructure projects, however, many are saying it could help expedite the process. On day six, Donald Trump fulfilled his biggest campaign promise: “building that wall”. Through this executive order, President Trump directly ordered the Department of Homeland Security to begin building a 1900 mile long wall along the United State’s southern border with Mexico. In addition to the commencement of the wall, Trump also ordered for 5000 extra border patrol officers. This executive order was a wake-up call for many Trump supporters who once thought the wall was simply an empty promise that sounded great on the campaign trail. The exact process through which the wall will be built is still unknown because of complications with funding and privately owned land.  That same day, Trump signed an order to increase the number of undocumented immigrants being deported. This action was meant to eliminate the ability states had to provide refuge to illegal immigrants, especially so-called sanctuary states.

Trump’s latest and most troubling executive order bans the entry of anybody from seven majority Muslim nations. This executive order affects many United States residents who were trying to enter the country after a vacation or visit abroad.  During the first few days and hours of the “Muslim ban”, many American residents who immigrated from these majority Muslim states were unable to enter their country. Although there is the slightest possibility that a terrorist may enter the country by traveling from one of these nations, many people come for tourism, business, and other leisure activities. These controversial bans sparked conflict throughout the world with many high-profile citizens speaking out against what many believe to be unconstitutional and simply “un-American”.

Although many are dissatisfied with President Donald Trump’s numerous executive orders, former President Barack Obama actually signed more executive actions in his first three days as president, than Trump did in his first six days in office. However, these executive orders signed by Trump have brought about more controversy than others because of their designated targets. For instance, Trump has directly targeted illegal immigrants, Mexicans, people of Arab descent, and Muslims. President Trump and his administration must find a way to make their executive orders and actions non-derogatory and unoffensive towards others.


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