Clemson wins College Football Championship

Clemson wins College Football Championship

James Kim, Staff Writer

Last year’s College Football National Champions, University of Alabama, is known for having one of the best football programs in the whole country. They have 16 national titles, including 4 in the past 7 years. They had much hype this season, as they were ranked number one on Fox Sports’ pre-season ranking. Their team, led by Coach Nick Saban, consisted of extremely talented players, several of whom were All-Americans. As expected by many fans, they reached the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship.

Now on to the other side, the Clemson Tigers. Clemson also had high expectations for the season, being ranked third in Fox’s preseason rankings. After losing last year’s National Championship to Alabama, they wanted to be winners in 2017.

The Championship was a nail biter. The frantic 4th quarter was as close as it could have possibly been. With 4:38 remaining, Clemson had the lead 28-24. This was the first time in the entire season that Alabama was losing in the 4th quarter. However, they immediately got back in the game with a 30 yard run from Jalen Hurts. Alabama was now ahead 31-28 with 2:07 remaining. With one second left, Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson passed to wide receiver Hunter Renfrow in the end zone for a two-yard touchdown. Clemson had just won.

In his final college game, QB Watson completed 36 of 56 passes for 420 yards. Former walk-on Renfrow scored 2 touchdowns. However, this was a complete team effort. Clemson put up 511 yards against Alabama’s defense, held the ball for around 35 minutes, and scored 4 touchdowns in the final quarter. Clemson had not only snapped Alabama’s 26 game winning streak, or prevented them from winning the championship two years in a row. Clemson Football had earned the trophy as the champions of the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship.

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