Tragedy in Berlin

Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos, Staff Writer

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On December 19, 2016, a Tunisian man by the name of Anis Amri deliberately drove his truck into a Berlin Christmas market. This attack struck at the heart of a major German Christmas tradition. This terrorist attack left 56 people wounded and killed another 12 people. The truck used by the terrorist was hijacked from a Polish company. Anis Amri is believed to have killed the driver of the hijacked vehicle. The vehicle was found at the scene of the attack with Amri’s papers. The terrorist, Anis Amri, was shot and killed in Milan, Italy, where he was found roaming the streets suspiciously at night. For the past weeks, German authorities have been under heavy criticism for not noticing Amri’s escape through France and, finally, into Italy. In addition to having disappeared under the German radar, the authorities are also criticized for not having deported Amri. Amri was not deported due to his many false identities, making it difficult for German officers to locate and identify him. Although the authorities were aware that he was in contact with an ISIS recruitment network, they did nothing to stop Amri from carrying out such an attack. In a video released by ISIL, Amri is seen pledging allegiance to ISIL and promising more attacks to come. This terrorist attack was the final major terrorist attack of the year of 2016, a year marked by terror and complications, but few solutions. Let’s hope that 2017 doesn’t end up being as devastating as 2016, but let’s also remember the many lives lost to terror in the recent past.  

Photo Credits to CNN