Attacks in Jordan


James Kim, Staff Writer

As the chaos between Iraq and Syria continued to exist, Jordan has been immune from the violence. As a result, they have been called “The Kingdom of Peace” and “Oasis of Stability”. However, things have instantly changed, with a series of shootings occurring on Sunday. At least 10 were killed in the horrendous event.

This act of terrorism has been claimed responsible by ISIS. 4 terrorists used machine guns and grenades to kill Jordanian citizens at Karak, a popular tourist destination. This is the first time ISIS has ever launched an attack on Jordanian soil. While the gunmen were firing at people in the Karak Castle, security forces surrounded the building. A stand-off lasted for several hours until 11:30 pm when the 4 men had been killed in the castle. The killed victims of the shooting included 7 members of the security force, 2 citizens, and a tourist. In addition, 34 people were injured, including 15 security force members, 17 citizens, and 2 tourists. Jordan was surprisingly targeted by the terrorist group, but they are highly capable of eliminating terror in their area.

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