Under Armour to Become Outfitter of MLB

Under Armour to Become Outfitter of MLB

James Kim, Staff Writer

Almost everyone can recognize the “UA” logo on shoes, shirts, hoodies, and more. You may recognize it as the brand that Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, or Bryce Harper wears on the field. In the future, every single player in Major League Baseball will have that recognizable logo on the front of their jersey.

Major League baseball previously had a deal with Majestic. All of the players’ jerseys and fan apparel were supplied with Majestic, but in a few years, it will be Under Armour’s job.

The deal is 10 years long and will start in 2020. This is the company’s first deal with an American professional league. Kevin Plank, the CEO of Under Armour, called this, “a massive statement for our company. This deal for us is one where we really get to lock arms, dig our heels in and say we’re going to fight for this sport.” Plank appeared at MLB’s winter meeting with commissioner Rob Manfred.

After hearing about the deal, players had good things to say about the brand. Clayton Kershaw, the all-star pitcher for the LA Dodgers, said, “my first baseball cleats were Under Armour. “To see where it’s come from to where it is now, to be taking over the game, it’s a surreal feeling. It almost feels like Under Armour is taking over the world in some ways. Being from Baltimore, seeing the brand develop and evolve — it seems like it’s already all places — why not baseball?”

The change in brand will attract a new generation of athletes and fans, as Under Armour is well associated the youth. The on-field jerseys will have prominent “UA” logos. Besides the jerseys, players will be able to wear cleats, batting gloves, arm sleeves, and gear. More fans will indefinitely gain interest in the brand, as they will see the logo all over the players. Since the logo is on the front of the jersey, the brand will be recognized in every picture or video of the player. This deal will provide many advantages for both Major League Baseball and Under Armour.

Picture courtesy of Uni-Watch.com