Migrants Storm Ceuta in Search of Refuge

Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos, Staff Writer

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On December 9, 2016, hundreds of migrants stormed the city of Ceuta in search of refuge from oppressive governments and poverty. Ceuta is a small coastal city in Northern Africa. Now, this statement becomes awfully odd because usually migrants search for refuge in Europe, but in this case, are migrants looking for refuge in Africa? The answer is both yes and no. Ceuta is a small Spanish enclave in Morocco. While it is geographically located in the African continent, politically it is located in Europe. This assault on the “Spanish” border was a sort of surprise attack. In the process, two border guards were injured. These migrants, most of Sub-Saharan origin, were simply looking for asylum. However, what makes this an international affair is the violence of the incident. The migrants were smart in trying to escape to the only African land border with the European Union  (excluding Melilla, another Spanish enclave in Morocco), however, they should have approached their attempted migration in a more peaceful manner. Although many were detained, 20 % of the migrants still remain unaccounted for. The migrants detained are being held at a migrant reception center. This mass migration shows the impatience of the migrants. These migrants are tired, hungry, and unemployed, they desperately charge towards their freedom, no matter the cost. If necessary, migrants have proven that they will illegally migrate to Europe. More accommodations must be made to improve conditions for migrants.


Photo Credits to Info & Emergencias