The Mysterious Oak Island

Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos, Staff Writer

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The mysteries contained within the elephant-shaped Oak Island have always brought people to wonder, “what’s on Oak Island”. Oak Island is a small island in Nova Scotia, Canada where treasure is rumored to be hidden. Although Oak Island is a major site due to the rumors surrounding the island and its treasure, the island is privately owned. Currently, the island has been in the news and on television due to the up-and-coming series “The Curse of Oak Island”. This series revolves around active treasure digging done on the island by Michigan brothers, Marty and Rick Lagina, proprietors of half of the island. Since the beginning of the show, there have been several discoveries on the island, however like any other conspiracy based show, there usually isn’t any tangible evidence to support any plausible theory. Some of the discoveries made by the brothers include the 90-foot stone (engraved with mysterious symbols), a gold chain, a replicated Roman sword, and an old Spanish coin dating back to the 1400s. One of the most intriguing parts of the expedition is the well-known legend that seven people must die in search of the treasure. To this day six treasure hunters have passed, who will be next? Many speculate whether the legend is true, but others fear the so-called “curse of Oak Island”.

Despite all the interesting history behind the island, I will cut right to the part everyone is interested in, the theories. Well, there are many supposed theories. One of the most probable theories is concerning the presence of the Knights Templar. Many believe that the Knights Templar used the island to hide treasures during the Crusades, such as the Ark of the Covenant. Although there is no tangible evidence, it is obvious that the Templars have been to the island due to the many symbols found on the island that can be directly linked with the Knights Templar. These symbols include the mysterious Hooked-X, Templar crosses, etc. Another theory involves Captain Kidd, the mysterious pirate who roamed the world, bringing terror upon whom he encountered. It is believed that the island served as a “bank” for Kidd and other pirates.

Theories are simply theories, and they cannot be proven, but I, as an Oak Island enthusiast, long the day that any true treasure comes out of Oak Island, even if the treasure is knowing that there is nothing truly on the island.

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