Kanye West Hospitalized


James Kim, Staff Writer

Superstar Kanye West is known for his on-stage behavior, but his most recent statements have seemed to have led to a stress-related medical issue. At his San Jose concert last Wednesday, Kanye West said that if he voted for a president, he would have voted for Donald Trump. This statement was followed by boos from the crowd. On the following Saturday, he arrived at his Sacramento concert 90 minutes late. After only performing two songs, he started to rant against Beyonce, Jay-Z, Mark Zuckerberg, Hilary Clinton, and others. He then abruptly ended the show. The crowd was confused, shocked, and frustrated. On Sunday, he canceled his Los Angeles concert just hours before the start. He then canceled the remaining 21 concerts for the rest of his Saint Pablo tour.

At about 1:20 pm in Los Angeles on Monday, the police department responded to a call of a disturbance. Authorities found a medical emergency and Kanye West was transferred to a hospital. No crime had been committed, and West is being treated at the UCLA Medical Center for exhaustion and stress.