DNC Interim Chair Leaks Debate Questions to Clinton Camp

Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos, Staff Writer

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Last Monday, the Democratic Party woke up to a scandal that rocked it to its core. It was reported that Donna Brazile, a well-known political activist, pundit, and recently named head of the Democratic National Committee had leaked pertinent debate questions to the Clinton base days before the second debate. Immediately following the allegations, major news networks, for which Donna Brazile was a contributor, fired her in efforts to cut any association with the scandal. According to Donna Brazile herself, she does not regret leaking the questions, however, does wish she had not been caught. In addition, emails released by Wikileaks show that this wasn’t the first time that Donna had shared debate questions. Some may be considering how Hillary Clinton would get the questions if not for the proof provided in the emails. This becomes  quite obvious when we consider Hillary’s confidence and knowledge of the material contained in the questions, as evidenced during a March primary debate in Flint, Michigan where Clinton knew names of victims of the lead poisoning occurring in the Michigan city.  Why would a well-respected party member stoop to such tactics?

The question then becomes how to deal with this breach of confidence and lack of fair play.  Many might site that all is fair in love and war and that the Republican campaign has surely perpetrated some questionable behavior throughout the campaign.  This leaves voters to consider whether to decide on a presidential candidate based on their integrity and values or whether to decide which is the lesser of two evils.  Unfortunately, instances such as the Brazile scandal have been far too many to count during this campaign.  The American voter is left to decide between two candidates that leave much to desire.  Neither can say they are free of blame or questionable actions.  However, when we consider voting for a candidate that expresses our own values and beliefs, we must search not for the perfect candidate, for he or she surely does not exist, but for the candidate that will push for the well-being of our nation above their own.  Whatever your political affiliation, surely no one is proud of the behavior of our candidates during this election season.  We can only hope that the future shall bring less muddied waters, that those waters shall be clear enough to see what lies ahead.