Samsung Forced to Stop Production of Exploding Phone

Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos, Staff Writer

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This October has brought some inconveniences to Samsung. Earlier this month, Samsung had recalled their new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This phone caused several problems for Samsung when it first began catching fire while people were using it. Due to these explosions, Samsung was forced to halt all production of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and terminate the  delivery for replacement phones sent by Samsung to, what some might call, the victims of this tragedy. Most people did not take the recall seriously until Samsung was forced to alert their customers to stop all usage of their phones immediately. This sudden message of fear sent out by Samsung was caused by a phone explosion during a Southwest flight. Alleged smoke was seen coming from the phone, causing an evacuation of the aircraft and subsequent cancellation of the flight. Many like to say, drastic circumstances call for drastic measures, and this is exactly what the US Department of Transportation is doing by banning all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on US flights. Samsung, however, will not be crippled by this recall. According to a British newspaper, Samsung is expecting a profit of 5.2 trillion won (around 5 billion USD) after the recall cost is incorporated. In the end, there is really only one victim: Galaxy Note 7 users. The victims will have to suffer the “pain”, rather, inconvenience, of having their phones confiscated.  Who’s really being punished here?  The guilty or the innocent?