A Great Retires: David Ortiz Calls it Quits


James Kim, Staff Writer

On Monday night, the Red Sox’s season came to an end, as they were swept by the Cleveland Indians. Their 2016 season is over, along with the career of David Ortiz. Boston was not able to send Ortiz off as a winner, but he leaves countless memorable highlights on the field.

David Ortiz made his professional debut on September 2, 1997, for the Minnesota Twins. After hitting 58 home runs along with 238 RBIs over 5 seasons, he was released by the team.

In 2003, he signed with the Boston Red Sox, which is the team he is most remembered playing for. He was a major factor in the teams’ 2004 World Series win, the first championship for the team in 86 years. His heroic hits were winning games for Boston that postseason, as he was named the ALCS MVP. This was the first of his three championships, as he also led the team to a World Series victory in 2007 and 2013. He was named the World Series MVP in 2013. Throughout his 19 year career, he was named to the All-Star team 10 times. His amazing ability to drop bombs led to a Hank Aaron Award, 6 Silver Slugger Awards, 7 Edgar Martinez Awards, 3 time American League RBI Leader, and American League home run leader. Whether he was hitting home runs off the Yankees or destroying phones in the dugout after striking out, fans were always entertained by ‘Big Papi’. Overall, he was an outstanding performer on the field throughout his whole career.

David Ortiz was a lover of the game. He played for his teammates, fans, and family. While having an amazing ability in playing and leading in the game, he also had fun doing so. He has been seen messing around with his teammates, flipping his bat, and interacting with the Boston fans. David Ortiz will no longer be able to do this on the field, but his legacy remains in Fenway Park as one of the greatest players of all time